Our Mission

Our mission is guided by a set of objectives that help define the fundamental spirit and philosophy that underscore the integrity and enthusiasm with which we regard our relationships.

Acontec have always sought to be a value driven company and focuses on investing in knowledge, people and infrastructure.We strive to do business transactions with honesty, Fairness, Integrity and Respect.

Acontec goes the extra mile to encourage Cooperation, Teamwork and Partnerships that last lifelong.


Founder & Chairman

A man of clear vision and vivacity, he has attained enduring intensification for his business endeavor by adopting a peculiar business subterfuge. He encourages his team to share ideas that help him to develop new and innovative strategies.

He adopted the prominent quote in his business approach i.e. “Management cannot dictate creativity”, "Management cannot force loyalty", “ Management must create an atmosphere that fosters loyalty and encourages creativity”.

No wonder then, this group has irrefutably emerged into a new height by providing full liberty to its managers in its quest for accomplishing invariable growth. This appealing business belief differentiates Acon Group from others.